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Monday, February 11, 2013 (read 2129 times)

The Cervantes Institute and Latin America to strengthen Spanish

by Dilek

The Cervantes Institute is the principal organization which promotes and spreads the teaching of the Spanish language in the world. It cooperates with Latin American countries to strengthen Spanish in the Americas.

The Cervantes Institute was established as a non-profit governmental organization with the aim of introducing Spanish language. It promotes Spanish education and the culture of Spanish speaking countries. The director of the institute, Victor García de la Concha, recently announced that they will work with Latin American countries to become an organization of all Spanish speaking countries. The director also emphasized that the institution is not only a Spanish organization. It embraces other Spanish speaking countries and their cultures as well Spain and Spanish culture.

Currently the Spanish language is taught by 77 institutions of the organization in the world. Español (language spoken in Latin America) is promoted as well as Castilian (official language of Spain). Spanish has integrated into American culture in recent decades due to the culture and language of the Hispanic community. The institute has liaised with Mexican; Chilean and Colombian authorities to open the next Cervantes Institute in a prestigious university in the US which will serve as an observatory of Spanish culture in the country.

Dating back to Roman times, Spanish is one of the oldest languages in the world, spoken by almost 500 million people. In the USA, the number of Spanish speakers has reached 45 million. The Cervantes Institute is not only a union of Spanish Speaking countries. The institute also introduces and explains the importance of teaching Spanish as a second language on a worldwide scale. Undoubtedly, the USA will soon be a bilingual nation and learning Spanish is the best way to know and understand the Spanish culture. Spanish is an important commercial language, vital for creating business ties with other countries.  

Only Latin American countries can help the Cervantes Institute to make Spanish a worldwide language. The organization has incorporated Spanish programs based in Mexico with its language courses in the USA. The institute has signed an agreement with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) to offer online Spanish diplomas and to provide training for Spanish teachers.

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