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Tuesday, July 19, 2005 (read 970 times)

Course for Teachers of Spanish

by Paqui

If you are a teacher of Spanish as foreign language and Spanish is not your mother tongue, you will know already how important it is to refresh your language skills, to renew your didactic resources and to practice the language in a native environment.

don Quijote offers a specialised course for teachers of Spanish aiming to brush up and improve their Spanish and their teaching skills. This is a professional programme in which participants study the latest researches and uses of Spanish language focusing in the formal and grammatical areas of greater difficulty.

In the course you will study:
- The imperative and past tenses and how to teach them
- Difficulties on the teaching of the verbs "ser" and "estar"
- The subjunctive and how to teach it
- Revision of the most difficult aspects of Spanish grammar
- New technologies applied to education (internet and email).
The program also includes activites such as visits to historic and cultural sites, "tapas tour" or welcome dinner, Spanish dancing and songs, etc.
This course is available in all don Quijote Spanish schools: Salamanca, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Valencia, Tenerife and Guanajuato (Mexico). The duration of the program is two weeks and it fulfils the requirements to benefit from the European Union's training aids and grants, such as Socrates and Comenius.
More information about the course for spanish teachers click here or ask for a free brochure

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