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Friday, July 22, 2005 (read 1197 times)

SPAIN: The Best College Experience

by Emily

¡Hola! My name is Emily Anderson. I am a United States college student attending the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I am currently in Salamanca, Spain working for don Quijote in the marketing department for the U.S. and Canada regions. I am receiving university credit for both working in Salamanca and attending classes in Barcelona, Spain. Both have been an indescribable experience. I will share a little bit about it with you…

First I arrived in the ever-cosmipolitan Barcelona where I spent six weeks of the most comprehensive Spanish courses I have yet to take. I was amazed at how fast beginners were progressing and at how much more proficcient I myself became. The small classrooms and the relaxed nature encouraged participation in the students. Incidentally, people would improve their speaking skills dramatically over time.

The don Quijote school is strategically located on Gran Via, the heart of Barcelona. As students quickly learn, this is a prime spot in the city to go expolorinng before or after class. Not only does the city cater to those with a taste for incredible art, but there are beautiful beaches and a sensational nightlife that does not stop. I could not get enough of it all!!

Next, I began working in in the office of don Quijote here in Salamanca for the work credit to fulfill my internship requirements. Essentially, I am working in the marketing department for the U.S. and Canada regions doing research that will be utilized in future projects. Working for a Spanish company will certainly give me a little ¨something extra¨ to add to my resume upon my return to the U.S. For that, I am especially appreciative for this experience.

I don't think I could have chosen a better combination of cities than Barcelona and Salamanca. Both have their own unique charm. Barcelona is bustling with both tourism and industry alike while Salamanca represents the cozier, smaller Spanish cities that exude a more intimate ambience. Of course I had the option to stay in more cities, as do all the students, but I would not have done it any other way. I feel I have not only received a thorough education in the Spanish language and work experience, but I have grown as well. I will always have a little corner of my heart devoted to Spain and the friends I made while here.

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1 » fake_diploma

I am really glad for you, there are not many students that have this great privilege and I think I understand why Spanish language seems so accessible to you: you like it in Barcelona and this is very important for your capabilities.

2 » Elisa! (on Tuesday, October 21, 2008) said:

hola! yo soy española y vivo en Salamanca, aunque ahora estoy estudiando en Inglaterra. He estado tambien en USA aprendiendo ingles el verano pasado, en una familia cerca de Chicago, en Michigan, y tengo que decir que fue uno de los mejores mese de mi vida.
Llevo sin verlos mucho y espero poder hacerlo pronto, pero lo haga o no siempre tendre una parte de mi pensando en ese maravilloso verano. Los americanos eran tan amigables.. simplemente eran simpaticos a mas no poder! los espanoles tambien lo somos,pero supongo que estoy acostumbrada y me parece extrano que otra cultura diferente lo haga, ya que la gente inglesa no es que sea muy abierta..
Me alegro muchisimo de que te gustase tanto Salamanca y al parecer te lo pasaste en grande, como diriamos coloquialmente DE PUTA MADRE!. Genial que te guste mi ciudad. =)

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