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Friday, July 14, 2006 (read 963 times)

Psssst... if you're thinking about a Spanish course next year...

by Erin

…you might want to start planning it this year. Enroling before September will help you save a few euros, anyway.

Head over to the offers page on the don Quijote website, and check out the current 2007 offer. When you enrol in a Spanish course you plan to take during 2007 and complete your booking - pay your fees and confirm your enrolment before this August 31 - you'll pay 2006 prices for the course you'll take in 2007. You'll save the price increase, plus you'll get yourself first choice of accommodation, destination, and the course you want to take, since you'll be booking way ahead of the crowd.

Well, all that and you'll have time to plan your trip, maybe study a little to get a head start. Plus you'll have months to anticipate your trip, just to know that you are on your way to Spain or Latin America.

You can apply the offer to all the destinations you find on the website: Salamanca, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Tenerife, Granada, Seville, Marbella, Alicante and Málaga to learn Spanish in Spain, plus all the Latin American destinations: Guanajuato, Mexico, and the schools in Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Cuba and Guatemala. Yeh, just about anywhere you could want to study Spanish.

Anyway, in case you were thinking about it….might be worth saving a little by being the early bird!

You can ask for a free brochure here

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