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Wednesday, February 28, 2007 (read 1434 times)

Poll: Would you go to a bullfight?

by Erin

Bullfighting is undoubtedly the most controversial tradition in Spain. Yet, considering the role the corrida has played in Spanish culture, would you include a bullfight in your exploration of Spanish culture, given the opportunity?

58 of you answered our poll. The results?

More than 60% of those who responded would take up the invitation to see a bullfight. Almost half of those respondents thought it would likely be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, "just to see" a bullfight for themselves.

And a solid 39% would choose not to attend a bullfight, not simply because it wouldn't interest them but for what the poll termed "more powerful reasons": moral grounds, perhaps - to take a stand against bullfighting.

Would you attend a bullfight, if you had the opportunity?

Yes! Of Course.
18 (31%)
Yes, and maybe just once, to see a bullfight.
16 (27%)
No, only because it wouldn't interest me.
1 (1%)
No, for more powerful reasons.
23 (39%)

Total votes: 58

A new poll is up!

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