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Monday, September 22, 2008 (read 1019 times)

Interview with a don Quijote teacher who published first poetry book!

by Stacey

In an interview conducted in Spanish by Natalia Sánchez for, Gloria de Castro Prieto speaks fondly of her first book, "bajo tus manos".

A poet from Zamora, she wrote the book upon returning to Salamanca after having lived in the Canary island of Tenerife. She hopes to present it in a recital in the fall of 2008 in Zamora.

Gloria is currently a Spanish teacher in don Quijote Salamanca.

…I'd be pleased if someone read "bajo tus manos" and found it interesting enough to publish it the traditional way…

You just published "bajo tus manos"
The title is not capitalized because I decided it should be the end of a phrase. It compiles the verses I wrote from April to August of last year. They're 42 short poems in an attempt to try to find my personal path after returning from Canarias to Salamanca, where I work as a teacher. The return after having fled to Canarias was like the salty taste of ocean water, and the one thing that remain are those memories in the palm of your hand " which is the first thing I notice about a person.

Was it difficult to find a publisher?
I contacted various publishing houses that work on a regional level. It was tough since the one who accepted wanted me to auto revise and participate economically. I then sent my poems to Bubok, a company that works on the internet. They gave me liberty in selecting the cover and other details. It's a boundary-breaking book because it lacks an index, which is sort of a reflection of my natural nature.

What does it mean to you to be published on the internet?
It's been amazing. I sent in my work and now anyone can buy the book online. Also, Google had asked the publishing house for permission to include the book in its book database, so I also appear on an internet library search! I prefer paper books, but recognize that the diffusion throughout this medium represents the future and it is fundamental to be known.

Gloria, what do you hope to convey through the 42 poems in "bajo tus manos "?
I wish the reader finds the same peace that made it easy for me to write it. I want to convey a freshness that reaches their hearts. I'd be pleased if someone read it and found it interesting enough to publish it the traditional way.

Have you written other poems aside from those published in "bajo tus manos "?
I have written 2 other poetry books and I'm in the process of writing another one. At the moment, I'm not planning on publishing them.

You've also tried your hand at writing children stories.
I wrote a few stories as a little girl. One day, I mentioned it to a friend of mine who has young children and she encouraged me to write one. I accepted the challenge and wrote a story that I later read to her children and they loved it. I wrote 2 others since then. The few people that have read it said that its poetry made into a story tale.

Would you also like to see your children's stories published as well?
Of course! But I have to find a good illustrator first. From my point of view, illustrations weigh as much as the writing content.

What are your short-term plans?
I will continue to write poetry and children's stories because I'm a restless person. I will continue collaborating with a Bierzo magazine, for which I write in a cultural spread.

Are you debating whether to showcase your book in Zamora?
I would like to have the book reading in the fall in Zamora, preferably in an intimate place. It has been presented in Villadepera during cultural week, and I recited verses that spoke of my experience in the Canaries. It was an interesting experience because the audience was very different from previous audiences I've had in other poetry sessions. My goal was to win young children's attentions, and honestly, they were attentive the entire time.

Tell us more about other poetry readings you've participated in.
I've done a few poetry readings in Salamanca in places like El Savor and Delicatessen&Café. I try to find different subjects, pick out themes from various stages in my life. The one for El Savor focused on the catharsis of 2004; while in another reading I chose poems describing various towns I visited on a trip throughout Spain. Regarding the reading I made in Delicatessen&Café, I had written a few verses that were published in an anthology book, and the reading was performed the day of the Cafe's anniversary.

Your stay in Tenerife has influenced your literary mind. When would we catch an extended presentation of your production that took place in El Puerto de la Cruz?
I still have the idea of having a recital to present the compilation of more than 200 verses I wrote in 2004. I would love to be able to read those verses on the pier of Puerto de la Cruz.

If you're interested in purchasing Gloria's book, get it here!

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