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Tuesday, February 10, 2009 (read 4377 times)

Expansion of Spanish language in Japanese Universities

by Stacey

It is a known fact that Japan has been an influential traditional market when it comes to studying Spanish as a foreign language. Learning Spanish in Japan is not as popular as learning English, but despite the economic crisis hitting the world over, the country continues to provide language schools abroad with a stream of students in search of an idiomatic tourism vacation.

Spanish program directors in Japanese universities, primarily those of Tokyo and Osaka, are seeing Spain as an ideal country for students to experience a Spanish language immersion. February 14-21 of 2009 is the scheduled date in Madrid to conduct individual interviews with representatives of more than 30 businesses involved in the Spanish as a foreign language sector. This event is organized by ICEX (Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior) in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo. The program will end with guided tours throughout areas of historical and cultural interest in Madrid and Salamanca.

An interesting approach keeping in mind there are about 60,000 students of Spanish in Japan.

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