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Tuesday, October 11, 2011 (read 822 times)

Take your class to learn Spanish in Spain!

by Matthew Leake

Everyone involved in teaching knows just how important it is to motivate students so that they are actually interested in what is being taught. However, at times trying to create this motivation within a classroom environment isn’t easy, especially if a syllabus only concentrates on grammar, different verb forms, vocabulary, and the odd oral exercise…

When students come to Spain to study Spanish through immersion programmes and intensive Spanish courses their learning progresses immeasurably because they are surrounded by the language 24/7, they have more teaching hours, and they receive more attention from smaller class sizes, among a host of other reasons. Most important of all though, is that the student becomes more motivated. They get to discover a new culture with their classmates and see how the natives communicate in their own language. All that they learn in a classroom at home that seems abstract and useless suddenly becomes real and applicable. They then realise they have the resources to communicate in shops and restaurants or on the street. What before seemed like a chore put upon them by their country’s education system suddenly turns into a life experience together with their friends and teachers. For a student, all this is indispensable.

All Spanish courses for group are tailored towards the group by their teachers who decide what to cover in classes and what the additional activities are. This means that the students get the most out of the course and that it is relevant to their country’s curriculum. These trips are undoubtedly the best way to spread enthusiasm among our students and to increase their motivation for learning Spanish.

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1 » Sarah jennings (on Friday, October 21, 2011) said:

I traveled to Guatemala to learn Spanish there for 6 weeks and then found out I can take the classes online. So now I am learning online, I will go for a trip to Madrid early next year to use my Spanish.

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