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Monday, February 6, 2012 (read 1027 times)

A New Way Of Language Learning

by Dilek

Technology got into our lives long ago but for the last few years it has become indispensable with the increasing usage of computers, cell phones and internet. Reaching the information, communicate with other people even they are in another part of the world with one click are some of the advantages that technology brings into our lives. Considering these benefits, authorities and teachers also started to make use of technology and launched several applications to teach languages. Starting from the USA, this implementation is supported by the authorities and they began to celebrate a special day for digital learning.

Digital Learning Day is a celebration of innovative teaching and learning through digital media and technology that engages students and provides them with a rich, personalized educational experience. The goal is to encourage the creative use of technology by trying something new and focusing on how digital tools can help improve student results.

Many schools and language courses offer online learning for those who have strict schedules and not available to travel or go to a course. With online learning it is possible to arrange study hours, download several e-materials and chat with other students. With multimedia tools students learning Spanish can push a button and hear words spoken in that language. They can download another application and access their Spanish textbook on their smartphones. They use iPads in the classroom.

E-texts offer many variations for advancement. They can be linked to videos or other multimedia tools, including explanations. They can provide study aids, like summaries, translations and embedded definitions. They can connect students in online study groups to jointly prepare each other for assessments.

For example an elementary school in the USA used it in reading class. The students participated in a read aloud session with another teacher’s Spanish class at a middle school via Skype. One of the core reading stories in their book is "Abuela" and the latter students helped pre-teach the first students Spanish vocabulary to help them understand the text as well as read the book.

In addition to "Skyping" with the middle school students, the elementary students in Spanish class contacted other classes in Costa Rica via Skype. The session is part of an ongoing Costa Rica project-based learning unit and will give students more real world background about their subject.

We can’t imagine what other advantages digital learning may bring, but it is for sure that it will create an outstanding difference within the rapidly changing world.

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