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Spanish in Latin America. El Voseo

by Lauris on 4/26/2013

When we are teaching a language like Spanish, there are a series of topics that we should keep in mind. The interculturality, wealth and diversity of the language are fundamental elements that we have to include in our… more »

The secret of the past tenses in Spanish

by Lauris on 4/11/2013

Telling a story in the pastWhen we teachers enter into a classroom of A2 level students with whom we have been working on the past tenses in Spanish, we usually find a room full of anxious faces desperately searching… more »

The Spanish Verbs IR & VENIR

by Lauris on 4/5/2013

Earlier this week, I was chatting with a colleague, when we started discussing a problem experienced by non-Hispanics with the verbs IR & VENIR (GO& COME). While Spanish speakers understand the difference perfectly,… more »

Dare to speak Spanish

by Lauris on 3/21/2013

Subtitles on YoutubeI recently watched a YouTube video that, although not directly related to the teaching of Spanish, could form the basis for an interesting lesson. YouTube provides us with the option to turn on… more »

Fears to become a Spanish Teacher

by Lauris on 3/15/2013

When deciding on a career path, it is important to think carefully. It is important to enjoy your job given that it will dominate a huge chunk of your life. It is not enough that a job simply pays the bills, it must… more »

The Spanish Language in Russia

by Lauris on 3/7/2013

The economy in Russia is growing at levels unknown to the rest of Europe as an interest there in the Spanish language is also growing.Interest in Spanish first emerged in Russia during the period of The Soviet Union,… more »

Soldiers and Cops Learning Spanish in Brazil

by Dilek on 2/25/2013

It is a well-known fact that Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world after Chinese. In countries like the USA and Brazil, Spanish is the most widely spoken language. Knowing how to speak Spanish… more »

The Cervantes Institute and Latin America to strengthen Spanish

by Dilek on 2/11/2013

The Cervantes Institute is the principal organization which promotes and spreads the teaching of the Spanish language in the world. It cooperates with Latin American countries to strengthen Spanish in the Americas.The… more »

Tips for Reluctant Spanish Learners

by Dilek on 2/4/2013

Everyone has a different way of learning languages; some people are exceptionally fast learners whereas other people, however enthusiastic and motivated they are, learn at a slower pace. In contrast, there are some… more »

High Demand for Spanish Teachers in China

by Tyson on 1/24/2013

Spanish speaking job seekers have good chances of landing a job in China according to the recently released annual Cervantes Institute report “El español en el mundo” (Spanish in the world). The report asserts that… more »

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