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Spanish as a Foreign Language Teaching - Looking Back

by Lauris on 1/17/2013

Many of us take a moment at the beginning of a new year to think about the year that’s past, a special type of reflection about where we are right now and where we are heading in the future.I found my mind drifting… more »

Spanish Cinema: Goya Awards

by Lauris on 1/10/2013

Spanish cinema’s Goya Awards ceremony will be held in the next few weeks, which reminds us of the enormous impact film has on the transmission of the language and the great amount of material that movies in all their… more »

Keep Your New Year's Resolutions and Learn Spanish

by Dilek on 12/31/2012

Happy New Year! We have left behind 2012 and have written down new resolutions for a clean slate not to repeat the same mistakes or to do things we've always desired to achieve and why don't you start cleaning the list… more »

Tools for achieving excellence in communication: NLP

by Lauris on 12/27/2012

One of the main goals of a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language is achieving effective communication in the classroom. It’s important to consider the circumstances surrounding classes: are you teaching in a public… more »

About "Best Dictionaries" and the "Best Spanish Dictionary"

by Lauris on 12/20/2012

Every time that a student asks us to recommend a dictionary, we should bare in mind a series of questions in order to give the best advice each time.For a student of basic level Spanish (A1, A2), having a bilingual… more »

The rules of accentuation in Spanish

by Lauris on 12/13/2012

The rules of accentuation in Spanish: a learning aid or another problem? When a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language (“Español como Lengua Extranjera”) finds themselves in the situation where they need to explain… more »

How to use the dictionary when learning the Spanish Language

by Lauris on 12/6/2012

Frequently, we Spanish teachers encounter students who suffer from a condition known as “dictionary addiction”. I personally like to call it Dictionary-Itis: the unhealthy dependence upon a book as a flotation device… more »

Spanish beyond All America

by Dilek on 12/3/2012

In United States with more than 50 million of population the largest minority is held by the Spanish speaking population and it is growing with a constant pace. Spanish is the official language of 21 countries… more »

Spanish Language: The DELE Examination Is Brought Up To Date

by Lauris on 11/22/2012

We just received some interesting information about the new DELE exam models that the Cervantes Institute expects to implement in August 2013 for levels B1 and B2.According to statistics announced by the Cervantes… more »

Benefits of Word Clouds in Learning Spanish

by Dilek on 11/19/2012

While studying Spanish, it is not easy to grade the diffuculty of its parts yet vocabulary might be a bit more important issue for language immersion. Outside of school if you don't have too much interaction with the… more »

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