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Eduardo Galeano and Günther Grass

by Lauris on 4/16/2015

Sometimes it seems like writers decide to pass away two by two.Sometimes, throughout history strange incidents and coincidences have occurred which seemto have been planned in advance. On Monday, 13th April, (thank… more »

Teaching Spanish - Beginner Errors

by Salomé Torres on 4/9/2015

After 25 years working as a teacher, I have had a week full of blunders committing 6 beginner errors. At the end of the day, I have reached the conclusion that having experience does not prevent you from making… more »

The Fundéu BBVA´s 10thAnniversary

by Lauris on 4/2/2015

For everybody who, either out of obligation or for the pleasure of it or for a combination of these reasons, has to grapple with the language of Cervantes on a daily basis, and who has chosen to teach it day in and day… more »

Cell Phones in the Classroom?

by Lauris on 3/20/2015

Versión española abajoA few weeks ago we took a look at the decision, the dichotomy, the debate, and the duality between paper books and eBooks. My personal inclinations ended up slipping into the discussion as usual… more »

The Difference between POR and PARA

by Salomé Torres on 3/12/2015

Understanding the difference between por and para can be a constant challenge for students learning Spanish. Even students at high levels continue mixing up the two prepositions that have caused so many headaches for… more »

Explaining Ser and Estar

by Salomé Torres on 3/5/2015

Last week I was talking about how helpful a cognitive grammar approach can be for explaining ser and estar, which later initiated a discussion with my colleagues who put forth examples that seemed to refute the… more »

An Engaging Way to Teach Spanish Grammar

by Salomé Torres on 2/26/2015

It’s been two years since I first read Qué gramática enseñar, qué gramática aprender by Reyes Llopis, José Plácido, and Juan Manuel Real.I’ve reread it three times because I think that the changes it inspires are… more »

Thoughts on this Year's Goya Awards

by Lauris on 2/19/2015

A new mode of writing known as noir fiction emerged in the US during the great depression. Perhaps as a child of the movement, film noir elevated Bogart and his Maltese Falcon to the height of the film genre.The… more »

Can Uppercase Letters be Marked with an Accent?

by Lauris on 2/12/2015

One of the questions that Spanish teachers get asked in class is if the accent mark known in Spanish as the tilde is really necessary (the tilde shouldn’t be confused with the virgulilla [~] which is placed over the… more »

The Subjunctive for the Imperative - Part III

by Lauris on 2/5/2015

We now have a handle on the imperative in both its affirmative and negative forms. We’ve also taken a look with our students at why these forms came to be the way they are. Once we’ve worked a little with exercises and… more »

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