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The Subjunctive for the Imperative - Part II

by Lauris on 1/29/2015

Let’s continue with the imperative and how teaching it can help us make a smooth transition into the present subjunctive, not only in terms of how it’s formed but also as far as the principles of its usages.So how is… more »

January Language News - DELE 2015

by David Limon on 1/20/2015

Versión Española abajoThe Instituto Cervantes has finally completed the process of updating the new DELE exams for 2015 along with the job of adapting the test to the new CEFR (Common European Frameword of Reference… more »

Teaching the Spanish Past Tenses - Part Two

by Lauris on 1/8/2015

Picking up where we left off last week, I’ll go ahead and use the great Fray Luis de León’s famous line (I’ve always wanted to use it but never felt quite worthy) which he casually uttered when he returned to his post… more »

Teaching the Spanish Past Tenses - Part One

by Lauris on 12/24/2014

Using the Past Tense in Spanish - A Challenge for A2 Level Students: PresentationStudying a language means plunging head first into the murky depths of uncharted waters, a place where linguistic sea monsters lurking in… more »

Spanish Singers: Providers of Teaching Material

by Lauris on 12/11/2014

Joan Manuel SerratSpanish teachers are often looking for activity possibilities that can break up the routine in the classroom: games, role-playing exercises, activities outside the classroom, videos, and of course… more »

A Spanish Learner's Surprising Victory

by Lauris on 12/4/2014

Spanish Game ShowsI recently read a newspaper article about a topic that usually doesn’t really tickle my interest: game shows. These things abound on Spanish TV, where guests must exert certain physical or… more »

A Questionnaire in Spanish

by Lauris on 11/13/2014

The other day I was poking around on the internet, an activity I often partake in and one which sometimes provides rewarding surprises, when I stumbled upon a questionnaire that seems to have similar questions that… more »

Spanish language movies...

by Lauris on 11/6/2014

... that every Spanish teacher should knowHere we are, racking our brains trying to come up with a method for selecting films which for different reasons may be of use to us as Spanish teachers.Here in Spain of course,… more »

Planning a Text-Based Spanish Lesson

by Lauris on 10/30/2014

As Spanish teachers, sometimes we need material for teaching a specific lesson required by our students. Looking for this kind of material can quickly turn into mission impossible, and you may not even find anything on… more »

October 12 - Spanish Language Day

by Lauris on 10/10/2014

Those of us who work in the field of Spanish language education are always filled with a certain sense of pride when the importance and beauty of the subject we teach is recognized.The Cervantes Institute is… more »

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