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Cybernauts, Translators and Makers of Gestures I

by Lauris on 10/2/2014

Part One: On the InternetLast week we were talking a little about digital illiteracy and its consequences in the everyday lives of Spanish teachers.One thing that’s important to keep in mind is that problems can be… more »

Digital Illiteracy in the Classroom

by Lauris on 9/25/2014

In today’s world, and more specifically in the world of Spanish language teaching, new technology offers exciting new resources of enormous value. The use of social networks, document sharing, virtual classes… these… more »

Spanish Movies in the Classroom

by Lauris on 9/18/2014

We’ve already discussed here on several occasions the value of using film in the classroom. A movie screen is like an open window that invites viewers to dive into new worlds, places where students can observe and… more »

Don’t Tell My Mother...

by Lauris on 9/11/2014

... that I’m a Spanish TeacherWhen you finish high school and you must cross that Rubicon that used to be known as the selectividad, the university access exam that defines your future and which is now known simply as… more »

The Spanish Pronoun SE - Part Three

by Lauris on 9/4/2014

Now that we've jumped head first into this topic, let's see if we can finish it off. Now, that we've gone over with the different circumstances in which this controversial pronoun appears our students we, as teachers,… more »

The Spanish Pronoun SE - Part One

by Lauris on 8/21/2014

After giving some thought to some common issues and questions that often arise among the collective of ELE teachers, it occurred to me, after speaking long and profoundly with one of my colleagues (It is well known… more »

The DELE Renews Itself

by Lauris on 8/14/2014

Sometimes insomnia isn't so bad. I say that because unfortunately, more often than naught, some quality cultural programs are aired during the ungodly hours of the early morning. Even on the public television stations… more »

Games with Spanish Proverbs

by Lauris on 8/7/2014

We left off last week playing around a bit with idioms. I also mentioned that this week I’d propose activities that you could use to get started teaching proverbs and the challenging lexicon these include.One thing I… more »

Language Learning with Spanish Proverbs

by Lauris on 7/31/2014

When Spanish learners reach the intermediate level, let’s say B1 or B2, their progress often begins to slow and it may even come to a gradual halt. This phenomenon has a relatively straight forward explanation: when… more »

Observations on the DELE Oral Exam

by Lauris on 7/24/2014

As Spanish language teachers, we are inevitably faced with certain situations when helping our students prepare for a successful DELE exam that make us step back and rethink what we are doing. Often, to help our… more »

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