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On The Hunt For Typos

by Lauris on 7/17/2014

I love to laugh especially if it’s a pierna suelta. If that's the case then trying to define the happiness I express through laughter is very difficult but the joy is clearly visible. I like bad jokes (and good ones… more »

The Spanish Wishing Tree

by Lauris on 7/10/2014

Once students move on from level B1 to B2, the task of working with them on the present subjunctive, the imperative (both positive and negative) and the different pragmatic options that are available to the speaker… more »

Spanish Level Evaluation

by Lauris on 7/3/2014

Evaluating the Language Competency LevelOne of the most arduous tasks that the ELE Spanish teacher takes on is that of correctly evaluating the language competency level of those new students that enter the classroom.… more »

Descriptions in Spanish

by Lauris on 6/26/2014

The Great Inventions of TBOI have always been fascinated by Rube Goldberg’s machines, those complicated and imaginative gadgets that, when interconnected, produce a succession of actions that are fun, extraordinary… more »

25 Years don Quijote Salamanca

by Lauris on 6/12/2014

I can still recall, through the dense haze of my memory, a young, freshly graduated university student brimming with pride over his new Spanish studies degree. He dreamed of becoming a high school literature teacher,… more »

13 Rue del Percebe

by Lauris on 6/5/2014

One learning resource that we have used occasionally to liven up our Spanish language classrooms is the use of comics, especially Spanish comics or "tebeos". The use of these can be a double-edged sword and failure of… more »

Mafalda - Opening the Door to Argentine Spanish

by Lauris on 5/29/2014

This week we received the great news that don Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón, an 81 year old Argentine, who on March 22 of this year received the French Legion of Honor in recognition of his lifetime work as cartoonist… more »

Intercultural Conflicts: Practical Questions

by Lauris on 5/22/2014

The other day I was recalling some situations that I have witnessed where my intercultural know-how left me a little short or simply wasn’t there. Those moments have made me reflect on how I can help our students avoid… more »

The Spanish Teacher as a Guide

by Lauris on 5/8/2014

A Guide on the Road to Intercultural CompetenceDuring the last few weeks we’ve seen how some Europeans are shocked when they discover the daily schedule of the “average” Spaniard. They frown when they hear that we go… more »

Teaching Spanish - Follow Your Nose

by Lauris on 4/16/2014

One of the issues that arises in the study of NLP (we discussed this subject a few months ago regarding the communication technique known as Nuero-linguistic programming) can actually help us discover a way to more… more »

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