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Difficult Topics in Language Classes

by Lauris on 4/10/2014

With the arrival of Semana Santa (Easter Week) cultural issues come up in the Spanish as a foreign language class that usually derive from a lack of information that students have about Spanish religious traditions. I… more »

Spanish Stereotypes: Ocho apellidos vascos

by Lauris on 3/27/2014

I assume that all teachers of Spanish as a foreign language, or all teachers of any language for that matter, feel quite pleased when they come across relevant material they can use in the classroom. We’re constantly… more »

Cultural Differences - Parts of the Day

by Lauris on 3/20/2014

One issue that often comes up when understanding and appreciating cultural differences in the classroom is Spain’s daily schedule, which often doesn’t coincide with that of other countries.To start with it is… more »

Classroom Activities for Spanish Class

by Lauris on 3/13/2014

When we come across, in the natural progression of our student’s learning, the need to significantly increase their level of vocabulary to reach B1 level, we often encounter the difficulty of giving an overdose of… more »

How to Give a Spanish Presentation of an Author

by Lauris on 3/6/2014

When I was asked this question I was reminded of the fact that while the answer may seem quite simple to those of us who are used to putting together these types of events, it may not be so simple for someone who has… more »

A Movie Game for Spanish Class

by Lauris on 2/27/2014

There is a “professional illness” that relentlessly attacks us Spanish as a foreign language teachers and which permanently affects sufferers: our eyes become scanners in search of real life material to use for… more »

Spanish - Memorization and Learning

by Lauris on 2/20/2014

As teachers of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE), of whom many of us work with groups of multi-national students, we are faced on a daily basis with an issue that usually puts us in one predicament or another: to… more »

Spanish Movies Awards Pay Tribute to the Work of Teachers

by Lauris on 2/13/2014

Living is easy with eyes closedSpanish film’s 2014 Goya awards took place this week and I loved one winner in particular because it touched a soft spot in my heart: the award for best feature length film went to Vivir… more »

Some Fantastic Material for Spanish Classes

by Lauris on 2/7/2014

The Spanish Film "Amanece que no es poco"The 2014 Goya Awards ceremony is being held this Sunday the 9th and it can be seen at 10 pm (Spanish peninsula time) on TV on channel TVE 1 or on the internet at… more »

The Goya Film Awards

by Lauris on 1/16/2014

Spanish film’s Goya awards are right around the corner, and I’m glad to see that despite the fact that everyone keeps talking about Spain’s eternal cinematographic crisis, film exhibitors studying the viewing public’s… more »

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