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Reported Speech in Spanish - Part Two

by Lauris on 1/2/2014

We left off last week with the following question: “What tense is the subject Yo in and how do you refer to the past, present and future in that context?” The answer to that question is “Ahora”. Take a look below to… more »

Reported Speech in Spanish - Part One

by Lauris on 12/26/2013

Repeating what others say or saidWhen faced with the challenge of explaining to students about the use of reported speech (discurso referido or estilo indirecto, whichever you prefer) Spanish teachers often present a… more »

Spanish Language: The Battle of Genders

by Salomé Torres on 12/19/2013

Whenever the topic of Spanish machismo comes up, I’m never sure which position I should take, that of a language specialist or a language user (as a woman and mother of two girls, I’m also a victim of machismo).… more »

Dealing With Sexist Language (or not)

by Lauris on 12/12/2013

Gender Issues in the Spanish LanguageI have on occasion used the following story to remind my students of the importance of gender related grammatical elements in Spanish, especially for English speakers, who don’t… more »

Haste Makes Waste in Spanish Lessons

by Lauris on 12/5/2013

The other day I was in a city in the north of Tenerife, called Icod de los Vinos, and was witness to a tradition that occurs in this city every November 29th: young people riding on greased boards racing down some of… more »

Curious Facts about the Spanish Language

by Lauris on 11/28/2013

Learning Spanish by playingPlay is one of the most universal forms of learning. Young animals engage in play to perfect the survival skills they’ll need to possess as adults. As children play, they develop behavior… more »

DELE Exam in November: Be prepared

by Lauris on 11/21/2013

Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign LanguageOn November 22nd and 23rd, the DELE exam will take place and I started to think about the nervous state in which candidates often find themselves as they begin to contemplate… more »

When the impossible unfortunately becomes real

by Lauris on 11/14/2013

"Lo Imposible"A few months ago we published an article about the Spanish film “The Impossible” which was a box office success, was hailed by critics and could take its female protagonist (Naomi Watts) to the stage of… more »

Comics and Spanish

by Lauris on 11/7/2013

When I was a kid, Sunday morning was always a magical time, when my parents would give me my allowance money of a few pesetas, which always made me feel almost like a millionaire – or at least loaded with excitement.… more »

Que Viva Manolo

by Lauris on 10/30/2013

We Spaniards have one little problem. Okay, we have a lot of problems, but the one I want to talk about now has to do with protocol: when we want to show our patriotism as our national anthem is played at sporting… more »

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