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Making the Most of Weekends

by Lauris on 10/16/2013

I must admit it: I love the radio. I really like being able to do things which I need to do at the same time as listening to people telling me about interesting things. When I was younger, I used to listen obsessively… more »

Happy Birthday Real Academia Espanola!

by Lauris on 10/10/2013

Real Academia Espanola: Three hundred years is no small featWhen builders prepare themselves for work, they can analyze and assess their tools, the materials and the space in which they’ll work, calculating the… more »

Speak Spanish with Language Exchange Partners

by Lauris on 9/26/2013

I just got to Spain and I’m a little bit lost. I like don Quijote, it’s a good school and the teachers are patient and nice and they seem to know what they’re talking about. My classmates are from four different… more »

Language Learning: To Dub or Not to Dub, That’s the Question

by Lauris on 9/19/2013

When working in the classroom with Nordic or Dutch students who are relatively young, under 25, it’s always a surprise to see how multi-lingual they are. It’s not unusual to meet an 18 year old Danish student that can… more »

Spanish Language: Making Things Less Complicated

by Salomé Torres on 9/5/2013

I came to a very interesting conclusion a few weeks ago while I was surfing the net. It was linked to the webpage called “Plain languages” which presents itself as “the international association for plain language… more »

More Help for Understanding the Subjunctive in Spanish

by Lauris on 7/11/2013

Hello again. A couple of weeks ago, we were learning some tricks that can help Spanish students to avoid the stress of the subjunctive, taking an approach that is very rarely adopted by teachers of a foreign language.… more »

Language Teaching - Refresh Your Skills

by Lauris on 6/20/2013

Teaching a Foreign LanguageFacing a class full of students is something that, at the very least, puts into question your ability to make wise decisions (have you ever wondered, while racking your brain for an effective… more »

Teaching Spanish - Informal Spanish

by Lauris on 6/6/2013

One topic that Spanish teachers often overlook when making lesson plans is "el español de la calle" the language as it’s used at its most colloquial levels. Text books usually don’t offer much material related to… more »

Speaking Spanish with Hand Gestures

by Lauris on 5/23/2013

Cultural differencesA few years ago, well many years ago I guess, several Spanish newspapers published a striking image on their front pages. It wasn’t related to a grisly story of violence, with bodies lining the… more »

How a conference about applied linguistics changed my life

by Salomé Torres on 5/9/2013

A Conference about Applied LinguisticsI don’t really give it too much thought when I make up my mind: an international conference is happening near my town, a place where I don’t get many chances to gain professional… more »

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