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Wednesday, November 30, 2005 (read 1001 times)

The story of Yasue in Spain

by Paqui

I can say that "my hobby is to learn foreign languages". It was then, natural for me to travel abroad to practice my English or Spanish during my life at University.

Discovering Spain was specially exciting. Spain is a country in where you can enjoy the culture, food, arts, architecture, so many more things! And the more you go, the more you feel like staying there forever. In my case, I went to Salamanca for one month during the summer and I decided to stay and live in Spain for as long as I could.

I went to several different language schools in Salamanca, so that I could compare which one was the best and which one suited me best. don Quijote has a good reputation, I heard that it was the biggest Spanish organization and it was very well known. I can assure you that the reputation is just right. All don Quijote teachers and staff are friendly and professional. I really improved my Spanish with them, besides the school also provides good accommodation and other services, it is good to have a little extra help when you are alone in a foreign country.

To tell the truth, at first, I was worried about whether there would be too many Japanese students ,but it wasn't like that, although the school is big, students come from very different countries and there are students of all ages (only not under 18). So I made lots of good friends from Europe, USA etc. The atmosphere at school was really warm and comfortable.

After one year in Japan, I went to Salamanca again to try to find a chance to work in Spain. A friend of mine told me that somewhere they were looking for Japanese who could speak Spanish and English. Immediately, I went to have a job interview with them and it was then when I found out that it was for don Quijote! I think it was destiny! so I started working as a Course Counsellor at don Quijote.

In the promotion office where I worked, there were people from 17 different nationalities and I was the only Asian. My job wasto help students who contact don Quijote for information about the courses, especially Japanese who where thinking about travelling to Spain, I answered their questions, prepared price quotes for the courses, advised them about the trip and the stay, and helped them with the booking.

Working in such a young and international team was a great experience, I get on really well with my colleagues and we often went out for a drink and tapas after work. My Spanish improved even more than before. I had a wonderful time working in don Quijote for 3 and half years! it was a great opportunity.

If you want to be fluent in a language, I think that the most important thing is to keep on studying and practicing as much as you can everyday. Living in a foreign country is by far the best way to learn a language and also its culture!










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