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Wednesday, July 6, 2005 (read 961 times)

Information about Spanish Courses

by Paqui

If you are interested in learning Spanish and or if you are thinking about taking a course in a Spanish Speaking country the first thing you will need is as much information as possible about the different places where you can learn Spanish, the different types of courses and accommodation, the prices and starting dates, etc.

A good way to get all this information is to get some brochures about Spanish courses abroad and then compare the information to see which school or destination suits you the best. At don Quijote we will be happy to send you, free of charge, our brochure by post. Please feel free to ask for our catalogue now so that you can have a look at everything we offer at home and maybe even ask for some advice to your friends or your family.

Click here to receive our free brochure at home

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