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Tuesday, February 7, 2006 (read 3710 times)

Activities for Teaching Spanish to Children

by Paqui

Internet offers so many resources that sometimes it can take a lot of time to find the information you are looking for. When I look for websites with Spanish activies and exercises, sometimes I end up in a site that doesn't exist any more or where the contents are not so great, or even where you have to pay to use the activities. On the other hand sometimes I come accross webs with excellent resources or that are exactly was I was looking for.

I want to share with you in this blog the best resources for learning Spanish that I have found on the internet. Here I give you a couple of sites where I have foud easy to use activities for teaching Spanish to children:

Exercise for learning the Spanish Alphabet, with pronunciation of each letter.
Exercise for learning the vocabulary of the body (the face) it has pronunciation too.

Here are some more exercises for learning to count in Spanish , with this activity the children can practice counting backwards.

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