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Friday, July 13, 2007 (read 945 times)

Poll Results: You want more lessons, and exercises, and slang and...

by Erin

Well, you've spoken!

And we're prepared to listen.

Our latest poll asked what you'd like to see more of on this blog. 60 readers responded to our poll, and told us what they'd most like to see here on Spanish Teaching are exercises in Spanish, Spanish expressions, and slang.

We'll try to incorporate all of that in the Spanish Teaching mix, but I'll toss out two additional ideas if you really are on the hunt for practical Spanish lessons, slang and otherwise, for free.

The free Weekly Lesson we send out to don Quijote website members will bring you vocabulary, lessons, expressions, and a quick weekly look at culture and fiestas.

Meanwhile, every don Quijote Monthly Newsletter includes a monthly "survival guide" of colloquial expressions, along with travel and cultural info and a recipe. It's available in Spanish as well, with an English version if you're a beginner or just find yourself stuck on a term or expression.

I'll continue to post excerpts from both of these resources here on the blog but if you're really after a good steady dose of practice, I'd recommend subscribing. Both are free!

Here are the poll results:

What I'd most like to see more of on this blog is:

Photos of Spain
6 (10%)
Spanish culture: movies, music, books, fiestas
8 (13%)
First hand stories of students studying with don Quijote
1 (1%)
A little more Latin America alongside all that Spain, please
3 (5%)
Lessons and exercises
18 (30%)
An inside view of dQ classes and accommodations
4 (6%)
Slang and everyday vocabulary
9 (15%)
Spanish expressions
10 (16%)
Spain and Latin America: travel info
1 (1%)

Total votes: 117

Keywords: vocabulary,spanish,slang,resources,lesson,grammar,expressions,culture,colloquial,beginners


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