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Tuesday, August 10, 2010 (read 703 times)

The Clegg Family Enjoy a Spanish Retreat in Castilla y León

by Olivia Elson

This week the UK's deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has been holidaying in Olmedo, an area in the province of Valladolid. It is located a little over an hour away from Salamanca, in the autonomous region Castile and León.

He was joined by his Spanish wife, Miriam González, and their three children Antonio, Alberto and Miguel, as they visited Miriam's mother. In the privacy and tranquillity of Villa del Caballero, the small village where the González family live, the Cleggs enjoyed some quality time together, cycling in the pine forests nearby and playing tennis and pelota, a traditional Spanish sport.

Another of the highlights for Clegg was the chance to eat some delicious Spanish food. Indeed, included amongst his few words to journalists were how he loves his mother-in-law's home-cooking, particularly empanadillas.

All in all, the few days provided an excellent escape from the dreary London weather and stressful political scene. The mayor of Olmedo is thought to be hoping his high-profile visitors might attract more tourists to the region and that increased media interest will put Villa del Caballero on the map, much like the Obamas' recent visit to the Costa del Sol.

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