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Friday, November 25, 2011 (read 1143 times)

New social media site launched uniting the US & Spain.

by Chloe Bustin

An amazing new cultural project uniting the US & Spain has been launched this month. SPAIN RED a social network site has been set up by a whole host of important institutions including Spain’s Ministry of Culture, the Embassy of Spain in the U.S., Instituto Cervantes and the Consulate General of New York, in collaboration with the SPAIN-USA Foundation.

The digital platform was launched in New York and will function as a social network, digital cultural archive and forum through which Spanish and American people can communicate, promoting career opportunities and cultural exchanges between the two cultures.

According to its creators, SPAIN RED´ s main goal is to "bring visibility and promote projects as well as to develop, share and encourage a network of information for all those interested in contemporary Spanish culture".

The cultural network offers a variety of services to its members, providing information about events and projects, taking place in Spain and the US, in the realms of:  design, cultural diplomacy, cultural management, film, music, performing arts, literature and visual arts. Each member has a profile where they can add and share photos, videos, links, jobs and their location. SPAIN RED also allows people to share opinions and ask for information on other people’s profiles, through groups or by sending private messages to other users.

The site may not have been running for long, but it is already a huge success with events spreading across over 14 U.S. cities and Spain, providing a selection of contemporary art and Spanish culture. Some highlights of current events include a celebration of Spanish Architects in Dallas, Spanish photography exhibitions in Washington DC, the launch of a new Spanish music youtube channel in Salamanca and many more.

The site is part of the cultural program ‘Spain: Arts & Culture' by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and an amazing platform to promote Spanish arts and culture in the United States while at the same time building bridges between the two nations.

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1 » Research (on Monday, November 28, 2011) said:

nice post.I read it its very intersting and informative.I agree with you that digital platform was launched in New York and will function as a social network.American people can communicate and it exchanges between the two cultures.
thanks for sharing knowledge.

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