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Wednesday, May 25, 2011 (read 1201 times)

Barcelona vs Manchester United- Match Preparations Underway

by Lindsay Cook

This coming Saturday, 28th May, F.C. Barcelona are going to come head to head with Manchester United in the final of the Champions League.

Match preparations are already underway. The team flew from Barcelona into London yesterday, due to fears that the volcanic ash cloud would have prevented them from flying later on in the week. Their flight was originally scheduled for Thursday.

The team are hopeful that the volcanic problems will have disappeared by the weekend so that their fans can fly to London and support them during their game.

Barcelona have had a good season so far. Last week they beat the team from Malaga 3-1. They also managed to knock out their rivals Real Madrid in order to qualify for the finals.

This Saturday the team will come head to head with Manchester United, and the victorious team will be able to proudly lift the champion’s cup! It is the second time that the two teams have come head to head in the final. Back in 2009 Barcelona were victorious.

Best of luck to Barcelona, lets hope they can demonstrate the strength of Spanish football once again, and lets hope that the fans can make it to the game too!

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