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Friday, March 30, 2012 (read 1066 times)

The Obama Family Learning Spanish!

by Hannah Ryan

What a way to celebrate your birthday!

While Spain’s PM Mariano Rajoy was in Seoul, South Korea, this week he celebrated his 57th birthday, unconventionally, at the Nuclear Security Summit. While he was presented with a chocolate cake by President of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak, Rajoy also received an official invitation to visit the White House, from US President Barack Obama.

Obama, who has spoken of his regret at his poor Spanish, joked that his daughters, who are learning the language, could be interpreters for Rajoy’s visit. The Spanish PM revealed that his children are learning English, and he joins in their lessons!

Speaking about his Malia and Sasha, the American leader has said "I’ve told them that my biggest regret was not studying Spanish hard enough when I was in high school. Hopefully, they’ve got head start on me. And they’ll be entirely fluent. So they maybe will translate for me the next time I’m out."

Obama has acknowledged the importance of Spanish, especially within the United States. On a historic trip to Puerto Rico last year (incidentally, the first sitting President to do so since Kennedy) Obama spoke a little Spanish to the people. The president declared that Puerto Ricans who have served in the military are "as American as apple pie, or as "arroz con gandules." Which means rice with pidgen peas! The President has also just launched a Spanish version of his re-election campaign website, recognizing the political importance of the Latino voters. The video link below shows Obama speaking out for the positive impact Spanish brings to the diversity of the States, and how it should be embraced.

The President’s wife Michelle, chose the south of Spain as her holiday destination last summer, and she even met King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia in their Majorca home. As Obama declared to Rajoy that “I know that our teams are working very well together” in regards to the economic situation, it is clear that the American First Family are fans of Spain, and of español.

Why not, like the Obama girls, start learning Spanish today!

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