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Monday, August 8, 2005 (read 855 times)

Diary of a beginner in Salamanca part II

by Lee

Settling in

Having just about recovered from the welcome party, I put my student hat back on and attended my next set of lessons.

Our class has eight people from seven different countries. The teachers are friendly and go through the lessons slowly and thoroughly. It is now my fourth day and our class have covered: the alphabet, greetings and introductions, countries and nationalities, professions, present tense verbs, numbers, daily routines and the time. In a short space of time, I have become familiar with the basics of the language, which in turn gives me the confidence to practice and improve on topics covered in class. The lessons are interesting and fun, with an interactive approach to learning.

Last night, myself and some friends practiced some phrases learned in class by going for dinner at a local restaurant. We enjoyed a traditional Spanish meal of paella, washed down with a cool glass of sangria!

I have begun to settle into the culture and way of life here in Spain and look forward to improving my Spanish to get the most out of my time here in sunny España!

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