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Thursday, April 20, 2006 (read 984 times)

Semana Santa in Spain

by Paqui

Spain is famous for its fiestas and celebrations and among the most important are the celebrations of the Holy Week, or 'Semana Santa'.

During the Easter week in nearly every Spanish city, thousands of processions march on the streets. Following this Christian tradition, religious images leave the churches and are carried on the streets to symbolize the journey of Christ to Calvary. In Spain, the Holy Week celebrations of Seville are especially important, attracting thousands of visitors every year, but also in Latin American countries such as Guatemala or Colombia the Holy Week is lived in all its intensity.

Semana Santa in Spain is something really special to experience… the sound of drums and trumpets, the smell of incense and candles, flowers, passion and faith, all combined in a unique spectacle. We want to bring to you a bit of the Spanish Semana Santa, here is a video of the Semana Santa in Málaga:

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