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Thursday, August 10, 2006 (read 957 times)

Wonderful Salamanca

by Olga

From the moment the bus drove me into Salamanca I was amazed by its beauty. Salamanca is a city and therefore has all the facilities you could wish for. At the same time is has all the charming aspects of a small village. Beautiful old buildings, great restaurants and a lively nightlife.

What I like so much about this Spanish culture is that everyone seems to live for the day. They try to make the most out of it. Everyone goes for drinks or ice creams to Plaza Mayor in the evenings, something that I also keep as a tradition. In Salamanca people seem to be more relaxed and enjoy the city. Everyone is friendly, open, and always have their doors open. An aspect of the Spanish culture that I like a lot. Then there is the food. Oh, how I love the small Spanish tapas restaurants. There are so many, its not expensive and the tapas are great. A tapas tour is a perfect fulfilment of my night. Yes this whole Spanish culture appeals to me, what am I going to do when I go back to Holland?

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