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Wednesday, April 30, 2008 (read 1148 times)

Today in Latin American and Spanish History: April 30th, 1492

by Stacey

April 30th, 1492 ….what event happened 516 years ago today that played a key role in changing the history of the world?

If you guessed the discovery of the New World - well, that happened a little later on in October 12th of that same year - but you're headed in the right direction. We invite you to read an in-depth article about the life, voyages and legacy of Christopher Columbus, since today marks the day he was granted royal commission to start equipping his fleet for a new voyage. So, let's thank the Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella for 'taking a chance" so to speak.

And if you want to learn or improve your Spanish, don Quijote's partner school is proud to offer Spanish courses in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), THE very place our dear Columbus built the first capital of the New World. The island is proud to boast that it is also home to the first university, the first cathedral, the first military fortress and the first hospital.

Or perhaps you rather study in Salamanca (Spain), the place where he consulted and ardently defended his argument? It too, is home to the first university … not of the New World, but of Old World Spain.

So request a free brochure to start your own journey of discovery!

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