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Thursday, April 12, 2012 (read 1075 times)

International Students Have Doubled in Catalonia

by Dilek

About 12,000 international students choose to study in Spanish universities especially in Catalonia.

Almost %5-%20 of the enrolled students in a master or PhD programme are international students. Students come to Spain because the quality of education is good and many choose to stay and do a doctorate, because they are also attracted to the culture and feel very well here.

The Erasmus exchange program between European countries is also another influence. The student who has enjoyed the time during his bachelor degree in Spain is willing to pursue a higher level of education.

The (UPC) Catalunia Polytechnic University has the largest number of international PhD students in Spain (49%). As for the master, one third of the enrollment comes from outside. The branches of architecture, telecommunications and energy are the leading studies that foreigners prefer.

In the case of the University of Barcelona (UB), the social & legal sciences and medicine are two of its strengths in appealing international students, which takes the portion between 24% and 32% of enrollments. The recruitment of international students would not be possible without the commitment to the titles in English. The Spanish (Castilian) continues to attract a large proportion of students from the U.S., Germany, China and Morocco. Most of the international students who want to perfect their Spanish generally study social sciences or humanities.

The University of Lleida, Rovira i Virgili (URV) and Girona have a number of international students taking courses to become Spanish teachers. Currently more than 180 Chinese students study Spanish and get excited with the Spanish culture. The Department of Romance Studies established a collaboration agreement with the University of Dalian (China) for the 2005-2006 academic year that began with the arrival of sixteen Asian students in Tarragona. Since then, the agreement has already spread to seven universities in the country.

However, in the field of science and technology, English is the dominant language. The UPC and  several other universities have 23 Master's programs in this language. However the interest in speaking Spanish is also on the rise and most people think that it will be a win-win situation studying in an international programme.

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