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El Postmétodo Explicado

by Salomé Torres on 10/8/2015

Cuando los profesores llevamos varios años enseñando empezamos a confiar cada vez menos en los métodos, especialmente en los que se alejan de la experiencia del aula. Adaptamos nuestras clases a “lo que funciona” y a… more »

El Post-Método

by Salomé Torres on 10/1/2015

Propulsar la profesión de enseñar una lengua más allá del limitado y limitante concepto de método; este es el principio que rige lo que se ha dado en llama el post-método, un conjunto de principios que intenta superar… more »

A Fun Activity to Practice POR and PARA

by Salomé Torres on 4/23/2015

One thing that all investigations into foreign language teaching and learning agree on is that it is profitable to teach grammar in the classroom. Gone are the days when purists used to deny the effectiveness of… more »

Teaching Spanish - Beginner Errors

by Salomé Torres on 4/9/2015

After 25 years working as a teacher, I have had a week full of blunders committing 6 beginner errors. At the end of the day, I have reached the conclusion that having experience does not prevent you from making… more »

Por and Para - Examples

by Salomé Torres on 3/26/2015

As I was saying a couple of weeks ago, I think that Cognitive Grammar is extremely useful for teaching the difference between POR and PARA.We have to look for a unique grammatical meaning that can be expressed in… more »

The Difference between POR and PARA

by Salomé Torres on 3/12/2015

Understanding the difference between por and para can be a constant challenge for students learning Spanish. Even students at high levels continue mixing up the two prepositions that have caused so many headaches for… more »

Explaining Ser and Estar

by Salomé Torres on 3/5/2015

Last week I was talking about how helpful a cognitive grammar approach can be for explaining ser and estar, which later initiated a discussion with my colleagues who put forth examples that seemed to refute the… more »

An Engaging Way to Teach Spanish Grammar

by Salomé Torres on 2/26/2015

It’s been two years since I first read Qué gramática enseñar, qué gramática aprender by Reyes Llopis, José Plácido, and Juan Manuel Real.I’ve reread it three times because I think that the changes it inspires are… more »

Spanish Language: The Battle of Genders

by Salomé Torres on 12/19/2013

Whenever the topic of Spanish machismo comes up, I’m never sure which position I should take, that of a language specialist or a language user (as a woman and mother of two girls, I’m also a victim of machismo).… more »

Spanish Language: Making Things Less Complicated

by Salomé Torres on 9/5/2013

I came to a very interesting conclusion a few weeks ago while I was surfing the net. It was linked to the webpage called “Plain languages” which presents itself as “the international association for plain language… more »