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Thursday, September 29, 2005 (read 1044 times)

Why am I spending my holiday studying Spanish?

by Paqui

Ron Van Schaik es de Holanda y está aprendiendo Español en España aquí explica por qué decidió pasar sus vacaciones estudiando y asistiendo a clase.

¿Por qué pasar la mitad de mis vacaciones dentro de los muros de una escuela? No necesito la lengua española a título profesional como muchos compañeros de clase. Para mí aprender español es más un hobby, una "adicción". Una vez que se ha empezado, no se puede dejar de saber más sobre la gente española, sus costumbres y su manera de vivir. Hace mucho tiempo que quería visitar Salamanca y las ciudades de alrededor y ya que en Holanda tiene buena reputación el instituto Don Quijote debía ser este instituto donde yo quería tomar clases de español. ¡Y no me arrepiento! Es una oportunidad para combinar lo útil con lo agradable.

Ron Van Schaik is Dutch and he is learning Spanish in Spain, why is he spending a holiday studying and attending classes in a school? He explains here:

Why am I spending my holiday inside a school building? It is not because I need a certificate of Spanish language like some of my classmates. For me, learning Spanish is a hobby, nearly an addiction. Once you start you just can't stop learning more about Spanish people, their habits and their way of living. For a long time I've been thinking about visiting Salamanca and the surrounding cities, since the don Quijote school is quite popular in Holland I thought that this should be the school where I take my Spanish course. I do not regret it! This is a great opportunity to combine what is useful with what is pleasant!

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My name is Pili and I'm a Spanish girl. I'm 20 years old and I'm studing Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca. I'd like to be a painter. I like to go to "tapear" (to a Spanish bar, you know) go to some parties, but specially I like to travel around the world. Last year I studied in USA, when I met my friend Lucy. She is studing Spanish there. I write a spoken diary for her and for all of you. You can visit me every week in and download a free podcast. ¡Learning Spanish is easy with me!

I recommend you to listen the first podcast to understand the diary.

see you!

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